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Davey Torrium TVC

Davey’s industry leading water pump control system, the Torrium.  Watch this TV commercial for a funny spin on the flow on benefits of a Davey Torrium water pump controller.  Now with a one year extended warranty offer until 24th December, 2014.

Talk to your Davey dealer now about fitting a Torrium for town pressure when you are not in town.


Australia’s most popular firefighting pump

Here is a quick take on the Davey Firefighter range:

  1. Applications include fire-fighting, water transfer, agricultural spraying, sheep jetting and use with a jet pump attachment to get water from a well.
  2. Ideal for fighting fires during the fire season and for water transfer for the rest of the year
  3. Single stage models offer high flow rates and strong pressure for standard use
  4. Twin stage models offer higher pressures to provide greater throw allowing you to stand further back from a fire or to transfer water further uphill.
  5. Flows from 350lpm – 1000lpm
  6. Class leading performance
  7. Designed and made in Australia to suit tough Australian conditions
  8. No 1 in Australia and sold all over the world

Why are the Davey Firefighting pumps so popular?

It all comes down to better real world performance

Davey Firefighting pumps have the ability to draw water better and throw more of it out further in a real world situation and to keep on doing under harsh conditions. This is a reality backed by actual customer experiences and supported by a list of unique engineering features.

Patented wet end – Class leading performance so you can stand further back and have more water where you need it.

Thrust balance drum and equalization holes in impeller – for extended engine life

Patented independent floating neck rings – Give dramatically reduced engine wear to ensure optimal performance is maintained even after long periods of operation in harsh conditions such as pumping gritty water.

Option of Viton seals for agricultural spraying – V models come with Viton seals for improved chemical resistance

Davey TV Commercial

Davey, creating water solutions for applications around the home, on the farm and in the community.

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Torrium 2 From water pressure to water prestige

Six reasons why Davey Torrium 2 offers superior water pressure.

  1. Many water pressure controllers can let water pressure drop to as low as 50% of demand before they cut in resulting in unwanted basin splash. Davey Torrium®2 is unique in that it does the “thinking” for you, by cutting-in at 80% of the system water pressure when the water is turned back on.  This means smoother and more consistent water pressure, that comes on strong whenever you need it.
  2. Torrium®2 has dry run protection that will automatically switch the pump off, in the event that your water tank is empty, protecting your pump from damage.
  3. Torrium®2 also protects your pump from potentially pump destroying high or low voltage.
  4. Torrium®2 is designed with larger internal passages for energy efficient water flow. This means reduced pressure losses and greater efficiency when compared to other pressure controllers.
  5. Torrium®2 can be installed vertically or horizontally for installation flexibility.
  6. Torrium®2 also includes an auto-retry feature that resets itself after losing prime and has proven reliability in tough conditions both here, and internationally.
Great tasting water free from impurities with Davey Microlene water purifiers

How safe is your Tank water?

Out of sight, out of mind is the way it has always been with tank water but that line of thinking is now changing. After all, why would you drink water that could potentially contain animal faeces as well as sediment, heavy metals and pesticides, when the cost of avoiding this is so reasonable? Often it’s not you but your children or your houseguests who end up getting sick. Many businesses such as B & B’s, restaurants and community schools are realizing the implications untreated water can cause.

In a recent government push, The South Australian Safe Drinking Water Act 2012 has made provisions for registration of water providers and audits of water quality with consumer access to the results.

As Summer approaches  E-coli and bacteria levels in rainwater tanks naturally increase as temperatures heat up. A clear signal that something isn’t right is an unpleasant taste or odour coming from your rainwater tank and water supply.

Fortunately, Davey has a way to give your family total peace of mind that will suit your situation and budget.

The Solutions 

Aquashield Packaged Systems are an all in one water pressure and treatment system that provides safe, clean water to the whole house. A fully factory tested and assembled system, it is completely plug and play and includes a pump and Torrium controller, two stage filtration for sediment  and cyst removal followed by a Steriflo UV system to neutralize any bacteria present in the supply. Aquashield packaged systems are also available with Davey RainBank for those using both tank and mains water as their water supply.

Aquashield Wall Mount Systems are for installations where a pump is already installed. The system contains the two stage stage filtration for sediment and cyst removal followed by a Steriflo UV system to neutralize any bacteria present in the supply. Ready to mount onto an external wall, it has water safety covered.

Aquasafe for water disinfection is a cost effective means of treating bacteria present in rainwater tanks. Proven to kill over 170 types of bacteria and viruses it breaks down to oxygen and water so is safe to use in drinking water supplies.

The formula is unique and patented and exclusively distributed by Davey for treating tank water. It is effective for up to 2 months at a cost of only $2 to treat 1000 litres.  Further information on Davey Acquasafe can be found at

Safe, secure water for drinking with Davey Steriflo UV and Filterpure filtration

Microlene Taste the savings

While other water filter systems require you to change the filter as often as every 6 months, Davey Microlene can give you sparkling great tasting water for up to 3 years – so you can save big time on your cost of ownership, plus not having the hassle of frequently buying and replacing your filter. In fact compared to a competitive unit of the same initial cost ($270) that requires a $30 filter every 3 months you will save approximately $107 in filters every 3 years.

This long filter life (up to 3 years on town water and up to 2 years on tank water) is due to a purification media called KDF that is unique to Microlene.  KDF reduces the load on the activated carbon in the Microlene to give this long life but also removes pollutants and heavy metals and odours.

Come to a Davey Dealer and taste the difference

Above all once you have tasted the water from Microlene you won’t ever go back to the taste of chlorine or rust in your tap water or odours from your tank water. Over 100 of our dealers have our Microlene taste test unit installed. Give them a call and come in to taste the difference for yourself.

Here is a list of some of the contaminants that Microlene reduces or completely removes:





Cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium








How much can Microlene save you on tap water?

Let’s say you buy 5 x 500ml of bottled water per week at a cost of $3.00

That’s  $6.00 per litre and 130 litres of water per year at total cost of  $780.

At around $270 Microlene provides up to 30,000 litres of great tasting water for up to 3 years, that’s only $90 per year – a saving in this example of $690 per year or $2070 over 3 years.  As the bench top model needs to be hard plumbed, installation is an additional factor, but still offers significant savings.

Renting or on holiday? The Davey Microlene top of bench unit that takes 30 seconds to fit.

This simply clips onto the bottom of your normal kitchen tap so there are no fitting costs. Small and portable, the bench top Microlene is also great for travelling, caravan parks etc. where the taste of water can be downright ordinary.

While Microlene filters down to 1 micron that will remove giardia and cryptosporidium you need to ensure the water is microbiologically safe.  Davey offer Acquasafe or our Steriflo UV systems to ensure your water safety.


Need to move water fast?

Davey 3” and 4” Jumbo Floodfighter® Pumps – Petrol

1. Robust open impeller design
2. Fast easy access to volute
3. Up to 2,200 litres per minute
4. Ability to handle solids up to 50mm diameter

Davey 3” and 4” Jumbo Floodfighters are ideal for moving large volumes of water fast without having to worry too much about what is in it.  They are ideal for moving storm water, flood water that water may have debris or suspended solids in it or any situation where you need to transfer water fast.


3” – Up to 1,400 lpm up and 23m head.  Passes solids up to 32 mm

4” – Up to 2,200 lpm and 16m head.  Passes solids up to 50mm

Ideal for:

Floodwater removal, emergency services, construction dewatering and tank filling

Why choose Davey 3” and 4” Jumbo Floodfighter® Pumps? 

  1. Easily transportable for fast response
  2. Hefty open impeller design gives big flow and resistance to jamming
  3. Class leading solids handling ability up to 50mm diameter
  4. Self-priming
  5. Powerful and reliable Honda petrol engines (3” – 9 hp, 4” – 13 hp). Also Diesel options.
  6. Corrosion resistant self-hardening aluminum construction
  7. Fast access inspection door for easy internal check
  8. Three wing nuts allow easy removal of the internal volute for quick debris removal without the need to uncouple pipes.
Davey's New 5150HD Firefighter pump

NEW 5150HD Firefighter

Davey’s all new 5150HD Firefighter pump is exclusively available through your local Davey Master Dealer!

Just in time for the upcoming fire season, the 5150HD is an economical single stage self priming fire pump. Driven by a Honda GP160 engine this unit is designed for domestic or for infrequent use.

The pump incorporates Davey’s industry leading patented pump end and as a single stage fire pump offers high flow rates at good pressures, inclusive of a three way discharge outlet for connection to multiple hoses.

Based on the GX160 engine design (it’s heavy duty big brother), the GP160 engine suits applications where use is under 150 hours per year. For usage periods greater than this, Davey recommend upgrading to the 51 series Firefighters fitted with GX series engines as a more robust option.


Did you know Davey’s range of Firefighter pumps are also great for other water transfer jobs?

Where power isn’t readily available, engine driven, self-priming pumps are an excellent option for moving water in and around your property. Tank to tank water transfer and drawing water from dams, rivers or streams are common tasks that Davey Firefighter pumps excel at. Use your Firefighter pump all year around for the best return on your important investment.

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